Updated 4/27/23 - Stock counts have been updated - Old & New OEM pumps are on order without ETA - Old & New Kitaco Pumps are on order ETA 5/4

Terms and Conditions of Ordering.

These terms and conditions are ment to streamline the ordering process and make you aware of certain situations. By agreeing/continuing your check out you are agreeing to the following terms even if you choose not to read them.

1. I can't guarantee any specific delivery dates. SUP is a solo operation. This means that If I'm pulled away from SUP work for any reason, there is no one else to take up the slack. Though, I will do my best to aim for any dates you have when reasonable.

2. I will post product ETAs on the corresponding product page if I have them. If you don't see one, that means I don't have one and the wait could potentially be months. Some parts are still difficult to get in a useful quantity.

3. All sales are final once the products have shipped. I cant offer refunds or exchanges. If damage occurred during shipping, I can guide you on repair or the pump can be sent in for a correction.

4. All orders are processed in the order they came in. Please do not ask for "front of the line" or "rush" service as I don't offer either.

5. I will need your order number if you contact me about your order. Please include it in your first email to me.

6. SUP isn't liable for incorrect shipping addresses or packages lost during transit to me. My system automates the label printing process. There is 0 chance that I changed your address unless you requested a change. When shipping me pumps for service, please consider insurance. If your pump never makes it to me, there is nothing I can do.

7. SUP does not pay customs/import fees for international orders. Be ready to pay these fees. If they are not paid and you abandon the package, it will be considered delivered.

8. SUP pumps bypass the stock filter screen. This does leave the possibility for debris to enter the oil system and clog an oil port. This would lead to engine damage similar to wheelieing without a oil pump.

9. SUP pumps isnt liable for any legal situations, injury or death as a result of stunting with any parts made/sold through SUP. SUP pumps are ment for use by experienced riders on a closed course by experienced riders, even then the risk of injury and damage is high. Helmets and gear is highly advised!