Updated 10/18/21: All product stock counts have been updated! I have 20x 2013-2020 oem pumps, 15x kitaco HF and 14x Takegawa highflow pumps that I will start processing tomorrow. They will take approximately a week to finish/ship. I don’t have an eta on pressure plates or 2022 oem pumps but they are on order.

Terms and Conditions of Ordering.

SUP is a solo operation. This means there is only 1 person that does everything at SUP. In light of that situation, I require all of my customers to agree to the following terms so that they know what to expect from me as a solo operator and to save my time so I can focus on what needs to be done at the time, wither that's customer service, processing products, book keeping or caring for my disabled elderly mother.

By ordering you are agreeing to the following terms

1. All wait times are approximate. If no wait time is posted when a product is out of stock, I don't have an eta for parts, please don't ask for one. I need to focus on the task at hand and lots of  "where's it at" emails pulls my focus away from where it needs to be.

2. You will not message me asking me to rush your order or modify my process. I fill orders in the order they came in and that will not change. I also have a specific shipping process that I also will not change.

3. You will be charged a 10% refund fee on products if you request a refund for any reason! Be sure you are ok with a potentially long wait or paying a 10% fee before you place your order! There are also NO refunds for any reason once you have the parts in hand.

4. You will not message me with anything along the lines of  "I cant ride my bike because I need your pump to put it back together". Wait till you get all your parts before you pull your bike apart.

5. If you do need to contact SUP about your order, you will need to tell me your order number. Check your emails junk folder for the order confirmation e-mail if you cant find it after ordering.

6. SUP isn't liable for items lost in shipping to me. Shipping insurance is the only way to make sure you are covered. If you chose the send in service, ship your pump to me with insurance otherwise, if your pump gets lost, its on you. 

7. Double check your address, the package will be sent to the address you specify, even if incorrect. You will be expected to cover any fees related to reshipping if recovery of the package is possible and you will not receive a refund if the package cant be recovered, you will have to order another one.

8. SUP pumps bypass the stock filter screen to achieve oil flow during wheelies. As a result of bypassing the filter screen, oil passage clogs from debris is possible but extremely rare. Clogs will lead to engine failure. Clogs will not be covered by the SUP warranty as they relate to how well the motor is maintained. CHANGE YOUR OIL REGULARLY!!

10. SUP parts are ment for use in a closed course environment where the possibility of injury & vehicle damage is high. You are agreeing not hold SUP or SUP employees responsible for any injury or legal charge you may obtain while using SUP parts.