Updated 4/17/21: Kitaco/Taskegawa pumps will start shipping in 1 week. OEM pumps have not arrived yet and there is currently 122 orders for them. Please be patient with waiting for yours, I will be working as fast as possable to process the pumps when they come in!

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Purchased the modded oem pump for my stock 2017 grom . Installed it at around 600 miles . The grom now has 1600 miles . Zero problems. Installed with zero issues. Everything lined up perfect. I take the bike on the highway for long periods of full throttle riding and couple mile long wheelies. Change my oil every 300-400 miles. I highly recommend this product. I ran no oil pump on my 2015 grom and the motor had noise after 800 miles. I enjoy long distance wheelies and this pump allows me too 💪🏻💪🏻 thank you for a solid product.

David Oaks - 10/27/19

Patrick is the best, I blew my motor doing wheelies with only 300 miles on it, I got a pump from him and two years later the bike still running strong.
I recently bought a high flow pump for my new built and somehow it wasn’t working, but Patrick send me a new one the very next day with no questions ask or harassing me for the old one. Highly recommend this guy and his company!

Eleazar Renteria - 1/8/18

Koso modded Pump has been excellent! The only pump for wheelies id trust hands down. This is the original, the OG of Pump mods. Pick up location is the best out ! A+ customer service as well ! Look no further then right here for your wheelie Pump needs mines been great

Below is a pic(picture excluded for space) of my piston that came out with about 12k Miles of riding and it is about as good as new many many uphill rides and wheelies later!

Vinny Suarez - 5/24/18