Updated 12/20/20: OEM pumps - Unknown ETA, last shipped 1646, 70x arrived 12/18/20. Takegawa pumps - 3 weeks out, last shipped 1845. Kitaco pumps - 3 weeks out, last shipped 1849.


Be aware that all Straight Up Pumps bypass the stock filter screen. Because of this, you must run an unmodified pump for the stock filter screen to catch break in materials after rebuilds or big bore installs for at least 300 miles for the best chance of preventing a clog. Clogs are still a rare possibility with following all directions and can lead to top end failure. Over 2.5 years and over 1000 pumps. There have been 2 reports of clogs during break in (not recommended), and 2 pumps locking up (pump sucks up large debris it can’t pass and breaks the plastic gear/rotor). If you've experienced a failure with one of our pumps, please contact us, I am logging failures and looking for ways to improve my modifications.