Updated 4/17/21: Kitaco/Taskegawa pumps will start shipping in 1 week. OEM pumps have not arrived yet and there is currently 122 orders for them. Please be patient with waiting for yours, I will be working as fast as possable to process the pumps when they come in!

Ported/Countersunk stock throttle body

Ported/Countersunk stock throttle body

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Velocity ported and counter sunk OEM throttle body provides the best flow possible! Notice there are no screw heads blocking air flow or creating turbulence that robs your motors power! No one else currently offers this complete of a throttle body port! Work by Mike O’Connell.

Throttle bodies come without electronics or air screws! We will swap the them for you if you choose to send in your core and leave them attached.


Core Charge Policy -This part has a core charge option. That means that by choosing "with core" means you are agreeing to send us your stock/undamaged part at your cost and realize we must inspect it before sending your new part out. If we determine, the part is too damaged to use as a core, you will be issued a refund minus return shipping costs and your part will be sent back. If you are unsure if the part is "too damaged", please send pictures and ask. All unneeded core pieces will be shipped back with your new parts.

Address for core shipment:
Straight Up Pumps
P.O.Box 1805
Longmont, CO 80502